Hybrid bonding

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Saultech offer both flip/non-flip, High accuracy, High UPH, Heated, High bond force, up to 600mmx600mm panel size fan-out solution
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Mini LED Display/Backlight/ FOB

Saultech provides the best solution-FOB Solution for Mini LED display manufacturing which develops with latest equipments of Mini LED sorting , Mini LED mixing, Mini LED repairing, Die attaching and Mini LED bonding processes. Saultech provides optimal solutions to save problems of in uneven chips and unreliable soldering by the past COB process.
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Image Sensor/Re-con

Saultech provide CMOS Recon wafer and blue glass sorter which combine with 5S AOI and testing function.
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Multi-Function Pick&Place

Saultech support versatile pick&place/testing/AOI solution to meet your requirement.
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Need something not available in the market? Saultech can help!!!