Saultech’s LED Mapping Sorter Achieves Record-Breaking Sales

Saultech’s General Manager, Lu Yan-Hao, founded the company in 2010 and successfully navigated the challenges of the early entrepreneurial phase. Last year, the company achieved a significant milestone with sales reaching an impressive 700 units of LED mapping sorters. This year, the sales quantity has doubled, surpassing 1,800 units, solidifying Saultech’s position as a primary equipment supplier for LED manufacturers and sorting subcontractors in both the Taiwan、China and the international market.


Saultech plans to launch a high-speed, high-accuracy Die Bonder designed specifically for small-pitch LED RGB displays by the end of the year. Lu Yan-Hao stated that for a 4k2k RGB high-definition giant display, the demand for LED chips reaches 24 billion. Saultech aims to achieve a target output of 40,000 0606 LEDs per hour with its high-accuracy Die Bonder. This equipment is expected to be another eagerly anticipated product that will follow in the footsteps of the LED Mapping Sorter, bringing innovation and excitement to the industry.


Saultech has a capital of 130 million NT dollars, with the majority of its revenue coming from royalty fees and the sales of proprietary products. This year, the estimated revenue is expected to reach 300 million NT dollars, resulting in a significant per-share profit. In 2014, Lu Yan-Hhao made the decision to collaborate with FitTech and Suzhou TrusTec , with each of the three companies showcasing their strengths, coming together to create an inspiring story of small ants resisting giants.


At this year’s Semicon Taiwan, Saultech showcased its self-designed and developed FanOut Die Bonder DB-30, tailored for advanced semiconductor packaging. The company plans to commence customer sampling and trial production by the end of this year. This equipment upholds Saultech’s consistent commitment to innovation, aiming for high accuracy and speed.This equipment is set to challenge the industry’s high standard with a precision target of ±3μm. Saultech also showcased another star product, the NST-655, anticipated to be the record holder for daily highest UPH. It is considered an indispensable equipment for  LED industry. For inquiries, please contact (03) 516-6006.