Saultech’s hybrid bonding equipment provides assistance for the development of heterogeneous integrated chip solutions

caption: Saultech showcases its advanced semiconductor packaging technology with the introduction of equipment corresponding to Hybrid Bonding and FAN OUT .


The evolution of semiconductor packaging has progressed from wire-bond packaging to BGA, Flip Chip, 2.5D, and 3D packaging, culminating in the latest Hybrid Bonding technology. Saultech , an advanced semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Taiwan, is actively involved in the research and development of Hybrid Bonding process-related equipment.

Saultech CEO Lu Yan-Hao mentioned that semiconductor technology development has reached its limits, and the next-generation CPUs or memory devices are adopting a chip-stacking approach. This involves the use of Pad-to-Pad direct connections to improve the efficiency and quality of signal communication between chips. Hybrid Bonding has emerged as a solution, and its presence can be observed in CPUs from AMD, GPUs from NVIDIA, and advanced AI chips.

Collaborating with the Industrial Technology Research Institute two years ago, Saultech invested in the development of nanoscale Hybrid Bond technology. We independently developed key technologies such as bonding wave and six-side cleaning, deploying patents to raise industry barriers. Jacky Shieh,Vice president of business, explained that bonding wave can prevent the generation of bubbles and particle contamination during the process. By adjusting parameters, it allows control over the direction and speed of grain bonding, thereby improving product yield. After Hybrid Bonding evolves into a multi-layer stacking process, six-side cleaning of the grain becomes crucial. Through CMP leveling and plasma surface activation, the adhesion of copper Pads is enhanced.

Hybrid Bond technology is still in the early stages of development, and it is understood that wafer and packaging giants are setting up production lines, yet formal mass production has not yet begun. Saultech is optimistic about future developments and actively positions itself in the supply chain. Jacky Shieh stated that since the Saultech Hybrid Bonder equipment was exhibited at the semiconductor Taiwan exhibition in 2022, customer inquiries for collaboration have been received, and it has entered the verification stage this year. It is expected to contribute to the localization of critical equipment in the evolution of next-generation semiconductor packaging technology.

Established in 2010, Saultech began with LED Sorters and developed a vertical pick-and-place machine, a patented innovation that dominated the market for ten years, boosting revenue to its peak. Several years ago, Saultech entered the semiconductor market, gaining recognition in the FanOut market. Now, with Hybrid Bonder technology, they have introduced two models for small-scale Wafer Level and Chip Level operations, achieving an operating accuracy of 0.2um. After optimization, the speed has increased, and capacity has exceeded 3,000 units per hour, surpassing international giants.

Saultech is an innovative research and development-oriented enterprise with 60% of its workforce dedicated to R&D. The company’s core technologies include Pick & Place technology for chip handling and exclusive vertical pick-and-place technology. They develop small quantities of diverse customized equipment for use in IC semiconductors and LED sorting machines, with sorting accuracy and speed superior to competitors. To date, they have obtained over 200 patents, solidifying their leading position in advanced packaging, Fanout, mini LED, and sorting equipment.

Currently, Saultech’s main product is the pre-packaged massive transfer solid crystal equipment, used in highly integrated processes such as Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging (FOWLP) and Fan-Out Panel-Level Packaging (FOPLP). In recent years, they have improved advanced semiconductor process equipment, demonstrating achievements in 3D packaging and Chiplets packaging. While facing challenges in the economic climate this year, the expected market recovery has been delayed. Fortunately, Fanout has shown improvement, and Saultech’ s advanced packaging solutions have garnered high attention from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.