Saultech Introduces FOB Solution to Reduce Manufacturing Costs for Mini LED Displays

Caption: “Sotec Technology FOB Solution


Advanced semiconductor equipment manufacturer,Saultech (6812), leveraging its profound experience in LED sorting equipment, introduces the FOB solution for Mini LED displays. The three-in-one machine (ST-668), combined with backlight and RGB solder paste inspection and repair machine (RP-06) and mass transfer automatic alignment and soldering machine (FB-20), forms the industry’s minimal-station and lowest-cost complete solution, significantly advancing Mini LED process technology.

Independently developed by Saultech, the Mini LED display FOB solution includes various types of equipment required for the mixing, bonding, repairing processes. Vice President David Zeng stated, ‘Saultech’s initial development goal was to achieve a 100% yield direct-view display process with three stations and three devices. Firstly, the sorting, mixing, and bonding processes are integrated into one device to reduce the number of production process stations. AOI inspection is then used for single-point desoldering and resoldering, as well as chip repair, to create an extremely low rework rate. Finally, the chips are pre-arranged, and mass transfer is performed with the perfect pitch and precision,bonding them to the PCB board in just 3-5 minutes, addressing the issue of solder paste drying in the COB process. The complete solution can save users more than half of the equipment investment cost, improve yield, and save manufacturing time costs, making it the best production machine.’

Mini LED backlighting has been widely used in various consumer products, and direct-view displays are the next focus market. Relevant application products have already appeared in luxury homes, automotive displays, and medium to large indoor displays, with a continuously increasing penetration rate. Saultech LED equipment has established a strong foundation in both Taiwan and mainland China, being chosen as the equipment supplier for international LED giants. Currently focusing on Mini LED, there are demonstration production lines in both Hsinchu and Shenzhen, attracting attention from display and module factories . The complete FOB solution will be showcased at the 2023 Touch Taiwan exhibition from April 19 (Wed) to April 21 (Fri). Industry professionals are invited to visit the Saultech booth at Booth M506.