Saultech FOB Seminar Reveals Core Insights into Mini LED Direct Display Process

In recent years, Mini LED has been widely used in consumer display products, with Mini LED backlighting being predominant. However, direct-view displays have gradually demonstrated their advantages over the past two years, finding applications in government agencies, luxury home decor, and medium to large-scale display needs. The penetration rate is rapidly increasing.

Taiwanese advanced semiconductor equipment manufacturer, Saultech, leveraging years of expertise in pick-and-place technology and LED wafer sorting, introduced the Mini LED direct-view screen solution (Film on board, referred to as FOB). This solution integrates the processes of sorting, mixing, and bonding all in one machine (ST-668), complemented by an AOI inspection-capable repair machine (RP-06) and a mass transfer bonder (FB-20). This three-station equipment setup forms a complete solution with the lowest cost to address pain points in the COB process, such as uneven chips, poor soldering, and high manufacturing costs.

The unique feature of this process is the integration of the sorting, mixing, and bonding processes into one device (ST-668). Using wafers or substrates with test data, the system arranges the LEDs with extremely high precision on the transfer carrier through optimal color mixing logic. It then undergoes appearance and arrangement accuracy inspection using the repair machine (RP-06) with AOI inspection capabilities. The RGB core is inspected for defects, and faulty chips are rejected or repaired. Finally, all LED chips are transferred at once to the display substrate and complete the soldering process using the mass transfer equipment. This technology ensures the flatness and tilt angle of each LED chip on the display substrate. The entire operation takes about one minute, significantly improving the drying issues caused by the long standby time of solder paste in the COB process.

For the finished product yield, a key concern in direct-view products, this solution achieves nearly 100% yield after soldering. As a result, it can greatly reduce the rework cost of defective products after reflow in the COB process and enhance production efficiency.

Shenzhen Super Power Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. the distributor of Saultech  plans to unveil the complete FOB solution on September 1, 2023, at the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott  Fuyong, Shenzhen. Industry professionals are cordially invited to attend. Event registration link: